MansaTek helps professionals transition into careers in Technology through training, workshops, coaching, & mentorship. Our students have received $24,000,000 in job offers & counting…


Your feedback has been invaluable, and we've carefully considered it with each program iteration since 2019. We're thrilled to announce some significant overhauls to better support students in their transformation journey. While we can't reveal all the changes just yet, here are a few major highlights:

🌟 Reduced Tuition:

We've made education even more accessible with reduced tuition to $3,500 (formerly $6-12K).

💳In-House Financing:

Enjoy flexible financing options for up to 6 months with payments as low as $600/month.

🗃️Enhanced Structure:

Instead of meeting every MWF, enjoy an improved and flexible schedule with 1 in-person class & 2 virtual class days each month.

📅Extended Access:

Extended 12 month(⬆️from 3 months) curriculum access ensuring you can revisit & reinforce learning.

🎁Exclusive Benefits:

Early enrollees receive a $100 voucher off the cost of PSM, CSM, or SSM certification.

🌐Career Opportunities:

Enrollments include representation by MansaTek Staffing for potential placement.

🔄Simulation Events:

4 virtual and 4 in-person PI planning simulation events for practical, hands-on experience.

🫱🏿‍🫲🏾Networking Mixers:

Virtual and in-person networking mixers, fostering connections with peers and industry professionals.

🚀Expanded Focus: 

Training not only focused on Scrum Masters but also Product Owner/Product Managers, & anyone engaged with Agile teams.

🫱🏾‍🫲🏽Industry Partnership:

Partnership with a Full Stack Engineering program, allowing our students to collaborate with Software Developers for their capstone project. This unique opportunity enables a deeper understanding of the development process, roles, & accountabilities within a team.

We're committed to making 2024 a transformative year

for your journey.

Enroll now and seize these incredible opportunities!

Why Enroll Early?
The 2024 Agile | Coaching program promises to be transformative, and by enrolling early, you secure your spot for a journey filled with growth, networking, and exclusive benefits.

Key Dates:
Early Enrollment Opens:
 Friday, November 24, 2023
Class Begins:
 January 8, 2024

We invite you to be among the first to enroll and embark on this enriching educational experience. Seize the opportunity to shape your 2024 with MansaTek Training Academy.

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Charity A.

While I worked full time, while single parenting, while I homeschooled and amidst recovering from divorce, I embraced yet another challenge-learning Scrum! Within 90 days of commitment and being around new accountability partners, I learned a new skill set and received a job offer of $110,000. I have since been able to travel with my children throughout the year, I retired my parents, purchased my 1st home. For the first time—I bought the exact car that I wanted, not just the “car I could afford and had to settle for.” That was a new feeling! I have become more financially conscious and have peace of mind because I am not living paycheck to paycheck or worried about how I will support my family. I am now on a mission to help anyone else looking to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Dr. Tawanna S.

I so love the community that Mansa Tek fosters. The leadership alone is outstanding, which embodies excellence. Everyone on the team is caring, helpful, and very knowledgeable of the practice. After going through the program in 3.5 months, I am in a position and on target to make over $250K and more annually, which has really blessed my family. Building wealth through knowledge is amazing! I will continue to recommend this program to people looking to make a difference in their life. Blessing, Mansa Tek!!!

Crystal I.

Being part of this program has opened my eyes to what I'm fully capable of & how to push myself to greatness. I went from being a hospitality manager with no time for family, set schedule, or weekends off to having family time and having my weekends to myself. It may be seem small but to have that time and freedom back are huge aspects I'm grateful for. This experience has been worth the investment to have a better life for myself and my family. My income doubled as well as my time. I encourage any and everyone to be apart of this program in any capacity.

Joia J.

This program is awesome! While you do have to put in the time and effort, you will have everything you need to succeed. I joined the program July 1st and got my first job offer August 9th. I was able to learn everything I needed to feel prepared for my first day.

Kelland D.

The training and support that I received in this program was second to none. It was very engaging and it helped to shape my development as an Agile practitioner. The training from the team at MansaTek has helped me to establish my career in the Agile world and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a jump start!

Shitonda J.

The program has introduced me to a career field I could have never dreamed of. The format of the program is very user-friendly. It takes you step by step and helps you to learn how to become a Scrum Master. The platform is easy to follow, the videos very informative, the support of the team through Whats App is invaluable, and being able to contact Victor for support is a plus. I also like the fact that after training, there is an option to continue having support. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to change their life! 

Dr. Abraham A.

A beautiful program. Well planned and incredibly enriching. A strong foundation for perfecting Scrum knowledge and practice . A worthwhile program and highly recommended.


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